Jessica Antonia Scott
Salt of the Earth
Salt of the Earth, based on the influential Israeli novel The Road to Ein Harod by Amos Kenan, tells the story of our hero, a rebel novelist fleeing from a right winged military coup in his country to the last free Zionist kibbutz, Ein Harod.
Written and Directed by Zvi Sahar
Based on the novel ‘The Road to Ein Harod’ by Amos Kenan
Puppetry Director: Jessica Scott
Puppeteers: Justin Perkins and Jessica Scott
Live lightning and projection: Tom McDonagh
Cinematographer: Zvi Sahar
Music by Rona Kenan
Co-Director: Oded Littman
Sound Designer: Ien Denio
Light Designer: Ayumu “Poe” SAEGUSA
Drawings by Aya Zaiger
Puppet Designers: Robin Frohardt, Jessica Scott and Zvi Sahara
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